For the first time we tell the story of how the allies helped the French resistance fight the Nazi occupation of France. With eye witness interviews with 'Maquis' fighters, unseen archive of secret parachute operations.  We tell the story of WW2 in the Dordogne valley in SW France.


  H O R S    D E   L A   N U I T

Two years in production. Producer Ronald Knoth and Director Simon Holland, interviewed Dordogne 'Resistance' fighters and found rare archive footage of secret operations to liberate France.

The film tells the secret history of the OSS and SOE operations in the Dordogne valley.  It reveals the true story of how the the young people of France fled to the woods and caves to escape the German STO work program. How these kids were recognized as a potential guerrilla army by Winston Churchill and how he made the ‘Maquis’ a potent fighting force.  

We introduce the S.O.E. (Special Operations Executive) of Maurice Buckmaster and a little know project, designed to ferry ton of supplies into occupied Europe called Operation Carpetbagger (they designed a steel shock absorbing container to drop out of an aircraft, with weapons, money, medical supplies and even tins of plum pudding)  and we follow an O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services) American commando team, code named 'Percy Pink' who parachuted into the Dordogne valley to help clear the area of the German army and its assets. 

Using eye witness accounts from surviving French resistance fighters, Interviews with a SOE Historian and fascinating archive, from the 1940s films - 'School for Danger' and 'Operation Carpetbagger'. We reveal how the French Resistance were trained, equipped and used to sabotage French infrastructure, successfully slowing down the German army move north, following the allied D-Day invasion in June 1944.

General Eisenhower quote on the French resistance fighters:

'Without their great assistance the liberation of France and the defeat of the enemy in Western Europe would have consumed a much longer time and meant greater losses to ourselves.'


Simon Holland - Director 

contact me for more information: simonhollandfilms@gmail.com

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Cast & Crew

Who’s Who

Simon Holland


Simon has worked in television all his working life.  Starting as a Film Editor for
BBC TV ,working on history and science films. He also has credits on Nat Geo, Discovery CH, PBS and ARTE. Simon lives in SW France with his wife Dorothy, in a 17thc Watermill.

Ronald Knoth


Ronald is a retired Dutch Navy Officer. Passionate about history and lives in SW France with his wife Helene.  To honour the sacrifice WW2 veterans gave to liberate Europe, Ronald and Helene drive their vintage Citroen 'Traction' car all over the world.

Michele Forteaux

Local history advisor

Michele's family have lived in the Dordogne valley for generations. With a family involvement in the Resistance movement, she was invaluable is finding the remaining veterans in our local area. Michele has also arranged events and screenings to promote the project.



Jean lives in the Dordogne valley and works as a journalist, historian and musician. Jean has broadcast and written about the French Resistance and is very well connected in the area.  Most of all Jean has a wonderful voice, that adds a lot to the quality of the film.


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